We provide consulting services in the area of management reporting, helping companies to reach their highest level.

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We intend to acquire

fast growing, mid size companies with high potential to outperform in public markets

DD3 Acquisition Corp.

SPAC sponsored by DD3 Capital Partners.

DD3 Acquisition Corp. a Special Purpose Acquisition Company listed in NASDAQ under the ticker symbol "DDMX" raised US$ 55.7 million in October 2018.

Focused on Mid-Sized companies that lack liquidity alternatives and are seeking a capital injection to boost their growth.

About Us

Our Acquisition Criteria

We intend to acquire companies that:

Can achieve better results by leveraging the operating and financial experience of our management team
Seek for innovation through new operational techniques, or where we can drive improved financial performance
Are established with proven business models, strong operations and fundamentals for earnings growth
Generate solid free cash flows or have the potential to generate strong, stable and increasing free cash flows
Have leading, growing or strong industry positioning, or are well positioned to participate as a consolidator in its sector
Have an experienced management team that can implement growth initiatives with a primary capital injection

Transaction Announcement


Press Release

DD3 Acquisition Corp. has entered into a definitive agreement with Betterware de Mexico.

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Investor Presentation

DDMX investment thesis, key investment highlights, transaction summary and other transaction details.

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Information about the business combination of Betterware and DD3 Acquisition Corp.

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